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Project Description

Did you know that having controls of shading in your home will enable you to make the most out of the natural sunlight even if you are out for the day. Controlling motorised curtains and blinds is as easy as sending a text from your smart phone. Open up an app on your smart phone and you are able to fully control all automated blinds and curtains, as well as your lights, music, CCTV, heating, garage doors and other added elements from the comfort and convenience of where ever you are in the world.

Mrs Cooper had a HDL smart home system installed in to her home, in a sunny suburban town earlier this year. Mrs Cooper came to HDL with a vision in mind and asked us to create a perfect smart home to fulfil a WOW factor home. Lighting control, sound system integration, a security system and architectural lighting were all major priorities of the project and with the direction from Mrs Cooper we was able to deliver an ultimate HDL smart home.

The property was a 1900s townhouse with high ceilings and significant windows. Dressing the windows were always a concern for Mrs Cooper ever since she moved in to the property in 1984 she often felt cold in her home and could not reach some of them. Particular windows such as the front living rooms, the hall way and various roof windows are amongst the tall ceilings and even more tricky to open and close the blinds and curtains each day. She has a gorgeous large stained glass window at the back of the property that allows plenty of light in in the day time but releases a lot, if not all the heat when the sun goes down at night.

The team at HDL listened to Mrs Coopers concerns, needs and desires and put together an automation plan to create her perfect home that is finely tuned to work with her lifestyle.

All the lighting controls, fixtures and zones were upgraded and cabled to accommodate the HDL smart home system. A team of a talented interior designer, an international lighting manufacture and a small team of installers sat down and discussed logistics of how it each player will be able to fulfil Mrs Coopers needs and desires to deliver a professional service each to their own professions.

Each window was fully assessed individually to suit the complexity of the project. The large stain glass window was fitted with a single automated blind and an automated curtain track to enable maximum sunlight exposure in the day, and then the double layers are designed to lock in as much heat in the evenings. Thus, energy saving from natural sunlight. The living room windows were each equipped with motorised curtain tracks. For the home cinema in the second living room, black out curtains were used to ensure no natural light leaked through. All roof windows in the home, including areas such as the kitchen and top bedrooms had automated blinds fitted to enable Mrs Cooper to open and close all curtains and blinds, conveniently and safely all from a touch of a button.

A Sonos sound system was integrated in nearly every room in the house, including the bathroom allowing a free flowing of sound throughout the town house and Mrs Cooper favourite Jazz singer Frank Sinatra can be heard on every floor. A CCTV and intelligent security system was also installed, which gave Mrs Cooper piece of mind, with safety and security in her own home.

Once the last chandelier was hung, the sound of Frank was heard throughout the house, the CCTV was live, the mood lighting was set and the curtains were drawn, Mrs Cooper began to live in her home again, but this time feeling a lot warmer, safer, cosier and comfortable. Her home improvement, not only increased her house value but it also increased her lifestyle value.

Give HDL a call today and tell us what your dream home would be? We would love to hear from you and help you to create a perfect home like we did with Mrs Cooper. Its more affordable than you think with prices starting from £4000 for hardware alone.  We can work with all budgets to cater for your needs and desires, if its only lighting controls you are after – we can deliver that. If you would like a complete system, why not contact us and we will be more than happy to show you how HDL works.